About us

G.T.M Jansen Holding B.V. is a world of beverages that is yours to discover.

G.T.M Jansen Holding B.V. is a purveyor of over 4,000 beverages from around the world, serving customers in five Netherlands locations. Explore the world of beverages through our incredible selection of domestic and international beverages. From amazing value-priced beverages to iconic greats, you will also find the guidance to discover the product that’s right for you.

Our passion for beverages shows in our exploration of new beverages regions and flavours, offering hundreds of wonderful beverages with good price deals that can only be found in our stores. We always put you first, with daily beverages shopping from 2-6pm where you can learn about the products we carry, or just have a discount to help you decide your next purchase. And indulge in the luxury of beverages with our spacious Vintages Room, where you will discover rare and decadent delights.

We also offer a 5% discount on our already low prices when you purchase 12 or more products, which we can ship directly to you throughout the Netherlands. In fact, if you order more than $6,000, there is no shipping fee.

At G.T.M Jansen Holding B.V., we are passionate about beverages and we are especially passionate about your beverages experience.

Monday - Friday
09:00am - 09:00pm
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